Manage your display options

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

To customize Mattermost display options based on your preferences, select the gear icon Access settings using the gear icon. next to your profile picture, then go to Display.


Select Theme to apply a different look and feel to your Mattermost screen.

Select Theme Colors to select one of 5 standard themes designed by the Mattermost team. Or, select Custom Theme to customize a standard theme even further.

Customize a theme

Using Mattermost in a web browser or the desktop app, you can customize any of the standard themes by selecting a standard theme and then selecting Custom Theme to load the standard theme into the custom theme color selectors.

Select Custom Theme to customize your theme colors and share them with others by copying and pasting theme vectors into the input box. Observe a live preview as you customize theme colors, then select Save to confirm your changes. Discard your changes by selecting Cancel, or by exiting the settings modal and selecting Yes, Discard. See the customize your theme documentation to learn more about working with the custom theme color selectors.


In Enterprise edition, if you are a member of multiple teams, you can optionally select the checkbox Apply new theme to all my teams to have the theme show up across teams. Otherwise, the changes will only apply to the current team.

Import a Slack theme

Using Mattermost in a web browser or the desktop app, you can select Import theme colors from Slack to import a Slack theme.

In Slack, go to Preferences > Sidebar Theme and open the custom theme option. From there, copy the theme color vector and then paste it into the Input Slack Theme input box in Mattermost. Any theme settings that are not customizable in Slack will default to the “Sapphire” standard theme settings.

Collapsed reply threads

Collapsed Reply Threads offers an enhanced experience for users communicating in threads and replying to messages. Collapsed Reply Threads are generally available in Mattermost Cloud and from self-hosted Mattermost v7.0, and are enabled by default for all new Mattermost deployments.

Depending on how your System Admin has enabled Collapsed Reply Threads for your workspace, it may already be enabled for you, or you may be able to enable this feature for your account. See our organize conversations using Collapsed Reply Threads documentation to learn more about working with Collapsed Reply Threads.

Select Collapsed Reply Threads > Edit to manage this option.

Clock display

You can customize how time is displayed in Mattermost.

Select Clock Display > Edit to display time in Mattermost using a 12-hour or 24-hour convention.

Teammate name display

You can customize how names are displayed in Mattermost unless your system admin has disabled your ability to do so.

Select Teammate Name Display > Edit to control how names are displayed in Mattermost. Options include: username, nickname (if it exists), or first and last name.

Show online availability on profile images

You can show or hide availability on profile pictures in Mattermost.

Select Show online availability on profile images > Edit to show or hide availability in Mattermost.

Share last active time

By default, Mattermost shows when you were last online in your profile and in direct message channel headers, unless your system admin has disabled this option.

Select Share last active time > Edit to show or hide when you were last online in Mattermost.


You can customize the timezone used for timestamps in Mattermost and in email notifications.

Select Timezone > Edit to select your timezone.

Default appearance of image previews

When messages in Mattermost include images, you can control whether an image preview displays directly below the message for image attachments, image link previews, and in-line images over 100px in height.

Select Default Appearance of Image Previews > Edit to expand or collapse all image links and image attachments.


This setting can also be controlled using the slash commands /expand and /collapse.

Message display

You can control how messages in a channel are displayed.

Select Message Display > Edit to display standard or compact messages.


Compact mode fits more messages on the screen by decreasing the spacing around posts, collapsing link previews, and hiding thumbnails so that only file names are shown. Some formatting types, such as block quotes and headings, are also reduced in size.

When you select Compact, usernames are colorized by default, and username colors are consistent for all users. Disable the Colorize usernames option to display all usernames in a single color instead.

Click to open threads

By default, Mattermost opens reply threads in the right pane when you select any part of a message. You can change this default behavior.

Select Click to open threads > Edit to disable the default behavior of opening reply threads in the right pane automatically. You’ll need to select the replies count to open a reply thread.

Channel display

You can control the width of the center channel area in Matermost.

Select Channel Display > Edit to specify the center channel as fixed width and centered, or full width.

Quick reactions on messages

By default, you can hover over messages to react using recently-used emojis. You can hide your recently-used emojis instead if preferred.

Select Quick reactions on messages > Edit to hide your recently-used emojis.


You can control what language Mattermost displays in. Options include:

  • Deutsch - German

  • English (U.S.)

  • English Australian

  • Español - Spanish

  • Français - French

  • Italiano - Italian

  • Magyar - Hungarian

  • Nederlands - Dutch

  • Polski - Polish

  • Português (Brasil) - Portuguese

  • Română - Romanian

  • Svenska - Swedish

  • Tiếng Việt - Vietnamese

  • Türkçe - Turkish

  • български - Bulgarian

  • Pусский - Russian

  • Yкраїнська - Ukrainian

  • فارسی - Persian

  • 한국어 - Korean

  • 中文 (简体) - Simplified Chinese

  • 中文 (繁體) - Traditional Chinese

  • 日本語 - Japanese

Select Language > Edit to set the display language in Mattermost.