Manage your sidebar options#

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

To customize Mattermost channel sidebar options based on your preferences, select the gear icon Access settings using the gear icon. next to your profile picture, then go to Sidebar.

Your channel sidebar includes enhanced sidebar features, including custom, collapsible channel categories, drag and drop, unread filtering, channel sorting options, and more.


  • The following sidebar settings apply to your current sidebar only.

  • You must manage sidebar settings individually for every team you’re a member of.

  • You can manage these settings in a web browser or the desktop app. You can’t manage these channel sidebar settings using the Mattermost mobile app.

Group unread channels separately#

You can control whether unread channels are grouped together separately in the channel sidebar, unless your system admin has disabled your ability to do so.

Select Sidebar Settings > Group unread channels separately > Edit to group unread channels at the top of the channel sidebar in an Unreads category.

Number of direct messages to show#

You can set the default number of direct messages to show in the channel sidebar.

Select Sidebar Settings > Number of direct messages to show > Edit to define a default number of direct messages.

You can update the number of direct messages displayed in the channel sidebar at any time, regardless of the default you set. See the manage direct messages documentation for details.