Export channel data#

plans-img Available on Enterprise plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

Ensure important data isn’t trapped in silos by migrating data between systems or backing data up for operational continuity. Once exported, channel data can be analyzed using various tools for insights into team dynamics, productivity, and communication patterns, and to fulfill reporting and auditability requirements.



For Mattermost Cloud deployments, no setup is required. See the usage section below for details on exporting channel data.

For self-hosted deployments, a Mattermost system admin must perform the following steps in Mattermost.

  1. Log in to your Mattermost workspace as a system administrator.

  2. Download the latest version of the plugin binary release, compatible with Mattermost v8.0.1 and later. If you are using an earlier version of Mattermost, follow our documentation to upgrade to Mattermost v8.0.1 or later.

  3. Go to System Console > Plugins > Plugin Management > Upload Plugin, and upload the plugin binary you downloaded in the previous step.

  4. Go to System Console > Plugins > Plugin Management. In the Installed Plugins section, scroll to Channel Export, and select Enable.


We recommend upgrading this feature as new versions are released. Generally, updates are seamless and don’t interrupt the user experience in Mattermost. Visit the Releases page for the latest release, available releases, and compatibiilty considerations.


You need to be a Mattermost system admin to export channel data.

Use the /export slash command in a channel to export the current channel’s message data into a CSV-formatted file.

Get help#

Mattermost customers can open a Mattermost support case. To report a bug, please open a GitHub issue against the Mattermost Channel Export plugin GitHub repository.

For questions, feedback, and assistance, join our pubic Integrations and Apps channel on the Mattermost Community Server for assistance, or join us on the Mattermost Discussion Forum.

Customize this integration#

This plugin contains both a server and web app portion. See the Channel Export plugin README documentation on GitHub for details. Visit the Mattermost Developer Workflow and Mattermost Developer environment setup for information about developing, customizing, and extending Mattermost functionality.