Interact with playbooks#

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

Slash commands#

Slash commands are available for playbooks. The /playbook slash command allows interaction with incidents via the post textbox on desktop, browser, and mobile. To run a playbook use the /playbook run slash command from any channel.

Available slash commands include:

  • /playbook run - Run a playbook.

  • /playbook finish - Finish the playbook run in this channel.

  • /playbook update - Provide a status update.

  • /playbook check [checklist #] [item #] - Check/uncheck the checklist item.

  • /playbook checkadd [checklist #] [item text] - Add a checklist item.

  • /playbook checkremove [checklist #] [item #] - Remove a checklist item.

  • /playbook owner [@username] - Show or change the current owner.

  • /playbook info - Show a summary of the current playbook run.

  • /playbook timeline - Show the timeline for the current playbook run.

  • /playbook todo - Get a list of your assigned tasks.

  • /playbook settings digest [on/off] - Turn daily digest on/off.

  • /playbook settings weekly-digest [on/off] - Turn weekly digest on/off.

API documentation#

To interact with the data model programmatically, consult the REST API specification.

Playbooks help streamline and manage complex processes while decreasing the risk of forgotten steps or tasks. They also support tool integration, status updates in a dedicated channel, and can be edited on the fly. When a playbook run is finished, you can review the entire run to assess any areas of improvement for the next run.