Run slash commands#

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

Mattermost slash commands offer an alternate way to perform tasks and actions in Mattermost. Slash commands are often preferred by developers and technical audiences because of how fast they are to use, and how similar they are to a developer’s daily coding tools.

Mattermost comes with many built-in slash commands you can start using right away.

Using a slash command is as easy as composing a message; however, instead of message text, you start slash commands with a slash character: /. For example, if you want to log out of Mattermost using only your keyboard, you can enter /logout in the message text box and select Send. Because your message starts with a slash /, Mattermost knows it’s a slash command, and performs the action defined for that command.

Create custom slash commands#

Interested in creating new custom slash commands for your Mattermost instance? Visit our developer documentation to learn more about creating custom slash commands for your work processes.