Use case questions#

Does Mattermost support external guests?#

Yes, the Guest Account feature allows organizations to collaborate with external users within a controlled environment. See the Guest Accounts documentation for more information.

Can I use Mattermost for customer service?#

You are welcome to use the open source Mattermost Team Edition and its extensive API library to build your own solution.

Mattermost Enterprise Edition is designed for self-hosted, enterprise-grade communication. It’s not recommended for primarily providing customer service or customer support, and does not currently offer a licensing model nor technical advice for this use case.

If you’d like to create an open source derivative version of Mattermost using the /mattermost-server source code to support your use case, please see below.

Does Mattermost have an official website-based plugin to offer anonymous chat to visitors?#

Not yet. You can upvote the feature proposal online to add your support. If you create such a plugin, we would love to see it open sourced and made available to the community.