Use built-in slash commands#

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You can interact with Mattermost users, channels, conversations, and more using built-in slash commands, or interact with the data model programmatically using API endpoints.

Slash commands#

The following built-in slash comamnds are available in your Mattermost workspace.


Looking for more slash commands? See the custom slash commands developer documentation for details on creating custom commands.

Invite people#

  • Invite one person using /invite user1 or /invite @user1.

  • Invite a custom user group using /invite @usergroup.

  • Invite multiple people using /invite @user1 @user2.

  • Invite one person to a specific channel using /invite @user1 ~channel1, or /invite @user1 channel1.

  • Invite multiple people to multiple channels using /invite @user1 @user2 ~channel1 ~channel2.

  • Invite people by email using /invite_people {, ...}.

Join, leave, or mute channels#

  • Join a specific channel using /join {channel-name} or /open {channel-name}.

  • Leave a channel using /leave.

  • Mute a channel using /mute or /mute {channel-name} to turn off desktop, email, and push notifications for the current or specified channel.

  • Remove someone from a channel using /kick {@username} or /remove {@username}.

Start or join a call#

  • Start a call in a channe or thread using /call start

  • Join a call in a channel or thread using /call join

Manage conversations#

  • Send a direct message to someone using /msg {@username} {message}, or send a group message to multiple people using /groupmsg {@username1, @username2, @username3,...} {message}.

  • Display text as a code block using /code {text}.

  • Automatically collapse image previews using /collapse, and automatially expand them using /expand.

  • Echo text back to yourself using /echo {message} {delay in seconds} or /me {message}.

  • Respond with a shrug using /shrug {message}.

  • Search message text using search {text}.

Set your availability and status#

  • Set your availability using /away, /offline, /online, or /dnd

  • Set a custom status using /status {emoji_name} {descriptive status_message}, such as /status sick Feeling unwell and taking time off to recover. Clear your current status using /status clear.

Manage channels#

  • Edit the channel header using /header {text} or the channel purpose using /purpose {text}.

  • Rename a channel using /rename {text}.

More useful slash commands#

  • Open the Mattermost product documentation using /help.

  • Open the in-product Marketplace using /marketplace.

  • Display a list of keyboard shortcuts using /shortcuts.

  • Open the Settings screen using /settings.

  • Log out of Mattermost using /logout.