Collaborate within connected Microsoft Teams

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The Connected Mattermost for Microsoft Teams integration enables you to collaborate with Microsoft Teams users without leaving Mattermost.

Mattermost Academy Learn about integrating with Microsoft Teams

Connect your Mattermost account to your MS Teams account

To use the Mattermost for Microsoft Teams plugin, you must connect your Mattermost user account to Microsoft Teams. You only need to complete this step once.

  1. Log into Mattermost using your credentials.

  2. When you log in, you’ll be prompted to enter your Microsoft Teams user information, including your Microsoft Teams email address and your Microsoft Teams password.

Mattermost will tell you when you’ve successfully connected your account.


  • If you’re not prompted to connect your accounts, display the prompt in a browser window by running the Mattermost slash command /msteams-sync connect in Mattermost. Follow the link to connect your accounts.

  • To change which accounts are linked, in Mattermost, run the slash command /msteams-sync disconnect, then connect your Mattermost account to a new Microsoft Teams account.

  • If a Microsoft Teams user account is removed from Microsoft Teams, the linked Mattermost user account is also removed the next time user accounts are synchronized.

Once you’ve connected your Mattermost account to your Microsoft Teams account, you’re ready to collaborate across your organization, regardless of which tool you’re in. You have two ways to collaborate:

Collaborate through messages

You can start a direct or group message between Mattermost and Microsoft Teams users unless your Mattermost administrator has disabled the ability to do so in the System Console.

  • Within Mattermost select the Open menus using the plus icon. icon next to Direct Messages in the left pane, then search for the user you want to message. Your direct or group conversation is visible in both Mattermost and Microsoft Teams.

  • Within Microsoft Teams, select Chat > New chat, and select the users you want to chat with. Your conversation is visible in both Mattermost and Microsoft Teams for all users who have connected their Mattermost user account to their Microsoft Teams user account.

Collaborate through linked channels

Collaborating through linked channels starts with a Mattermost admin linking a Mattermost public or private channel to a Microsot Teams channel.

Collaborate with colleagues

You have many ways to collaborate with colleagues in linked channels using a web browser or the Mattermost desktop app, including:

No matter which tool you use, your message is visible across both Mattermost and Microsoft Teams.