Get help with Mattermost#

Get the help you need with Mattermost via robust documentation, extensive community support, and professional support services. If you’re struggling with something on your Mattermost journey, take a look at the following learning resources:


  • Mattermost Academy - Enroll in the free online end user and system admin courses for self-hosted deployments. Get the most out of your Mattermost experience with this in-depth training!


  • Mattermost product documentation - Read information for end users and administrators about deploying, managing, and using Mattermost.

  • Mattermost developer documentation - Read information for developer community members about integrating, extending, customizing, and contributing to Mattermost.

  • Mattermost API reference - Read information for developer community members about the Mattermost API used by Mattermost clients and third-party applications.

Help Center#

Community server#

  • Mattermost Community server - Connect with thousands of contributors, customers, and users to build, share, and learn together. This server is our virtual office and is open to everyone. Please review our Code of Conduct before participating.

Mattermost user forums#


  • Report a bug - Report bugs or other issues you encounter when using Mattermost to our development team.

  • Propose a feature - Vote for feature proposals or submit your own.

Mattermost Enterprise and Professional support#