Chat with Copilot (Beta)#

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

Overcome information overload and streamline communication and collaboration by chatting with Mattermost Copilot in your Mattermost instance.


Copilot must be enabled and configured by a Mattermost system admin in the System Console before you can start using it.

Mattermost Academy Learn about Mattermost Copilot and Calls

Get started#

Select the Copilot icon in the apps bar located to the far right of the Mattermost screen to open the Copilot tab in the right pane.

Privately chat with Copilot inside Mattermost via the right-hand sidebar.

Begin with suggested prompts, or engage in a private thread with the Copilot bot for a tailored experience. If you have follow-up questions or need further insights, simply ask! Copilot is designed to provide deeper understanding based on your inquiries.

Copilot remembers the context for follow-on questions and requests. Access all previous conversations by selecting View chat history. from the Copilot pane.

With Copilot you can perform the following tasks:

  • Summarize your call recordings

  • Turn long threads & unread channel messages into concise summarizes

  • Stay on top of all of your commucations by identifying next steps, decisions made, and pinpointing unanswered questions

  • Extract learnings and transform content into charts, resources, documentation, articles, and more

  • Dig further into any topic that’s on your mind

Summarize Mattermost call recordings#


plans-img-yellow Available only on Enterprise plans

Leverage Mattermost Calls to turn meeting recordings into actionable summaries with a single click. Ensure key points are captured and shared easily, and enable easy sharing of meeting insights with your team and the broader organization, enhancing communication and productivity.

To summarize a Mattermost call recording:

  1. Start a call in Mattermost.

  2. Record the call.

  3. Once the call ends, and the call recording and transcription is ready, select the Create meeting summary option located directly above the call recording.

Select the Create meeting summary option to summarize your call recording in Mattermost.
  1. The meeting summary is generated and shared as a direct message with the person who requested the meeting summary.

Easily share the updates from your Mattermost Calls with your team and broader organization by turning recordings into detailed summaries at the click of a button.

Summarize threads & unread channel messages#


plans-img-yellow Available only on Enterprise plans

Accelerate decision-making and improve information flows with concise summaries of long discussions delivered to you directly through direct messages.

Ensure you stay on top of communications across threads, channels, and teams, by using Copilot to summarize new messages, identify next steps, and pinpoint unanswered questions.

To summarize Mattermost threads:

  1. Hover over the first message in any conversation thread, select the AI Actions Select the AI Actions icon to access AI options. icon, and select Summarize Thread.

  2. The thread summary is generated in the Copilot pane, and only you can view the summary.

To summarize unread Mattermost channels:

  1. In a channel with unread messages, scroll to the New Messages cutoff, select Ask AI, and then select Summarize new messages.

  2. The channel summary is generated in the Copilot pane, and only you can view the summary.

Quickly summarize new messages, find action opens, and seek out unanswered questions with your Copilot.

Chat privately with Copilot#

You can also chat privately with your Copilot in direct message threads like you would any other Mattermost user.

Bring Copilot into any conversation#

Invoke the power of AI by @mentioning the Copilot bot (@copilot) in any thread to bring AI’s capabilities to your conversation, allowing for quick extraction of information or transformation of discussions into charts, resources, documentation, articles, and more. With the power of Mattermost integrations and interoperability, the potential to enhance your workflow is limitless.

Bring your AI into the conversation. @mention your Copilot directly within any thread and use the context to work faster and smarter.