Mattermost keyboard shortcuts

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

Mattermost keyboard shortcuts help you make a more efficient use of your keyboard when using Mattermost in a web browser or the desktop app.


  • In Mattermost, display a list of available keyboard shortcuts by pressing Ctrl / on Windows or Linux, pressing / on macOS, or using the /shortcuts slash command.

  • Additional keyboard shortcuts are available for Mattermost Channels. See the keyboard shortcuts for Mattermost Channels and the team keyboard shortcuts documentation for details.

Zoom shortcuts for web and desktop app

The following display keyboard shortcuts work in all supported browsers and in the Mattermost desktop app.

On Windows & Linux

On macOS


Ctrl Shift +


Increase font size (zoom in).

Ctrl Shift -


Decrease font size (zoom out).


Though Mattermost keyboard shortcuts support standard languages and keyboard layouts, they may not work if you use keymapping that overwrites default browser shortcuts.