Scale Mattermost up to 100 users#

This page describes the Mattermost reference architecture designed for the load of up to 100 concurrent users. Unsure which reference architecture to use? See the scaling for enterprise documentation for details.

  • High Availability: Not required

  • Database Configuration: Single


Usage of CPU, RAM, and storage space can vary significantly based on user behavior. These hardware recommendations are based on traditional deployments and may grow or shrink depending on how active your users are.


Resource Type


Memory (GiB)

# of Nodes

AWS Instance

Mattermost Application





RDS Writer





Lifetime storage#

To forecast your own storage usage, begin with a Mattermost server approximately 600 MB to 800 MB in size including operating system and database, then add the multiplied product of:

  • Estimated storage per user per month (see below), multiplied by 12 months in a year

  • Estimated mean average number of users in a year

  • A 1-2x safety factor

Estimated storage per user, per month#

File usage per user varies significantly across industries. The below benchmarks are recommended:

  • Low usage teams (1-5 MB/user/month)

  • Primarily using text messages and links to communicate. Examples would include software development teams that heavily use web-based document creation and management tools, and therefore rarely upload files to the server.

  • Medium usage teams (5-25 MB/user/month)

  • Using a mix of text messages as well as shared documents and images to communicate. Examples might include business teams that may commonly drag and drop screenshots, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents into Mattermost for sharing and review.

  • High usage teams (25-100 MB/user/month)

  • Heaviest utilization comes from teams uploading a high number of large files into Mattermost on a regular basis. Examples include creative teams who share and store artwork and media with tags and commentary in a pipeline production process.


A 100-person team with medium usage (with a safety factor of 2x) would require between 12GB 1 and 60GB 2 of free space per annum.

1 100 users * 5 MB * 12 months * 2x safety factor

2 100 users * 25 MB * 12 months * 2x safety factor

We strongly recommend that you review storage utilization at least quarterly to ensure adequate free space is available.

Additional considerations#

Smaller deployments, or deployments using the Mattermost Omnibus installer, will need an increase in resources due to the fact the database is hosted on the same server as the Mattermost application.