Working at Mattermost

The mission of Mattermost, Inc. is to give all organizations the power to achieve their highest priorities through modern communication. Our vision is a world more connected to what matters most.

  • Our company maintains the Mattermost open source project, providing powerful, easy-to-use, self-hosted team communication across web, PC and phones.

  • We also provide Mattermost Enterprise Edition, a secure, modern, enterprise messaging solution as a fully supported commercial extension of our open source software.

While our headquarters is in Palo Alto, California, we use Mattermost software to work as a distributed organization around the world in partnership with our community.

Top 10 reasons to work for Mattermost:

  1. Join an outstanding team: Work with thoughtful, talented, high performance people who care about results.

  2. Build on the cutting edge: Develop in Golang, React, React Native and other technologies changing the world.

  3. Work anywhere: No commute, freedom to travel, complete control of your environment.

  4. Be recognized: Working in open source, your contributions are public and echo on throughout your career.

  5. Growth: Join a growing open source project, a growing business, and a growing company.

  6. Do good: Build open source software benefiting thousands of companies, institutions, schools and non-profits.

  7. Improve a product you use every day: Work on a team with deep empathy for users and customers.

  8. Focus on results: Output matters, not hours worked. Enjoy life and don’t burn out.

  9. Learn, Master, Teach: Building new skills, becoming experts, and training others is core to our culture.

  10. Friends around the world: Build relationships with staff and contributors in dozens of countries.

Work Anywhere

We’re headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and like many open source companies a large portion of Mattermost, Inc. works from anywhere in the world.

This gives us tremendous advantages:

  1. Access to top talent. We can hire from anywhere.

  2. More comfort. People have 100% control of their surroundings.

  3. No commute. Removing a 30-60 minute commute saves 250-500 hours a year.

  4. Time zone coverage. We can more easily support global customers.

  5. Results-focused culture. Output matters more than hours at a desk.

Also, we have Meetups around the world to deepen and broaden our relationships and build the future of our products together:

We run as a distributed, high performance team using a few principles:

1) Work Anywhere with Good Internet

Working from anywhere means more time with loved ones, no commute and controlling everything about your workspace.

The one requirement is having the ability to occasionally join video calls using Zoom between 8am and 1pm California time, which requires a good enough internet connection.

Recommended download/upload speeds should be 8 Mbps/512 kbps for smooth group calling and screensharing, with a bare minimum of 4 Mbps/128 kbps. The CRS Video Conference Bandwidth Speed Tool can be used to check your internet speed.

There are exceptions to this requirement, for example: part-time roles that don’t need to take meetings, or roles providing support outside core meeting hours.

2) Be Explicit

Working in a distributed organization means it may take time before a person reads your message and responds, so make sure you are clear.

Communicate relevant information in the first message:

Write unambiguously:

  • Avoid “I think the answer is Yes”, instead use “Yes”, “No”, or “I think the answer is Yes, I’ll confirm with Steve and let you know.”

Likewise, we emphasize written communication. Reading is faster than listening and it reaches more people, which means more happens in less time.

3) Follow Through

When working on problems, make sure to be clear about next steps, and either follow through or create a ticket to track the work.

4) Hang Out

We have warm-ups in some meetings to learn more about each other. It’s part of a culture where we get to know each other.

Find time after meetings and video conferences to get to know your teammates. Ask them about their weekends and how their life is outside of work.

When you meet in person at off-sites and events, build on those relationships.

5) Be the Change You Want to See

When something’s not clearly documented, take the initiative to figure out what’s going on and update the documentation for the people who come after you.

Learn, Master, Teach is a model we use to pass on training after you’ve been trained to help grow everyone at the company.


General Benefits

1. Flexible hours

Results matter more far more than hours in an office. Your time at Mattermost is flexible. Go see the dentist, visit a friend, walk your dog – no need to ask permission.

If there’s something urgent going on at work, just let teammates know your status.

For most roles, we require the ability to join meetings between 8am and 1pm California time. The exception is people who are dedicated to support in other timezones, or team members that don’t need to be in real-time discussions.

2. Work from anywhere (with good internet)

The comfort of home, freedom to travel, no commute–learn more about our work anywhere policies.

3. Paid time off

Just as flexible as our working hours, learn more about our paid time off policies.

4. Additional US and Canadian employee benefits

Mattermost uses professional employment organizations in the United States and Canada and are able to offer additional benefits to US employees and benefits to Canadian employees.


MatterCon is an annual conference for Mattermosters and the contributor community to come together. In 2018, it was held in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2019, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. In 2020, it was held in Nassau, Bahamas.

It’s a time for Mattermosters and top contributors from our community to get together, to celebrate our achievements and to build shared experiences and empathy to increase the efficiency of working together.


During one night of the meet up, teams get together for a dinner and afterwards there is an option to play a round of “hot seat”. In hot seat one person volunteers to receive feedback from the rest of the group - one “like” (something they do well) and one “wish” (an opportunity to improve). After everyone has shared feedback, the volunteer has the option of making a commitment to the group on making a change in how they work and to ask the group’s help to share feedback on the change and keep them accountable.