Benefits specific to US-based employees

US-based employees’ payroll and benefits are arranged through TriNet. The most up to date information is available through the TriNet HRPassport portal and contact forms and numbers listed there.

This overview is a quick reference guide and does not replace the documentation in TriNet, please contact your TriNet representative for questions.

Basic Life Insurance and AD&D - TriNet offers company paid basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) plans. The Company pays for basic life insurance coverage valued at $20,000, which includes an equal amount of AD&D coverage.

Medical - TriNet partners with leading carriers, like Aetna, Florida Blue, Blue Shield of California and Kaiser, to offer a broad range of medical plans, including high deductible health plans, PPOs and HMOs. Medical plan options vary by state, and may also include regional carriers.

Dental - TriNet’s four dental carriers - Delta Dental, Aetna, Guardian Dental, and MetLife - offer a high and a low national dental PPO plan. Aetna and Delta Dental also will make available a DMO plan in many states.

Vision - TriNet also offers a high and a low vision plan nationally through two different carriers: Aetna and Vision Service Plan (VSP). These plan options ensure that you can choose the best plan and carrier for your individual vision needs.

The Company pays 100% of premiums for medical, 100% of premiums for dental and 100% of premiums for vision coverage for employee. In addition, the Company funds 50% of premiums for medical, 50% of premiums for dental and 50% of premiums for vision coverage for spouse, dependent, and domestic partner. These contribution amounts are capped at:

Insurance and Company Contribution Cap

  • Medical Employee Only: $593.00

  • Medical Employee + Spouse: $981.50

  • Medical Employee + Child(ren): $901.50

  • Medical Employee + Spouse + Child(ren): $1195.00

  • Group Dental Employee Only: $35.37

  • Group Dental Employee + Spouse: $53.94

  • Group Dental Employee + Child(ren): $53.94

  • Group Dental Employee + Spouse + Child(ren): $72.51

  • Group Vision Employee Only: $9.17

  • Group Vision Employee + Spouse: $13.78

  • Group Vision Employee + Child(ren): $14.42

  • Group Vision Employee + Spouse + Child(ren): $20.30

Employees are responsible for the remainder of the premium cost, if any. A summary of plan options showing remainder of premium costs after employer contribution will be provided with your offer.

401K - Our 401K retirement savings program is available through Ubiquity after 3-months of full-time employment.