Available in Mattermost Free and Starter subscription plans. Available for Mattermost Cloud deployments. Available for Mattermost Self-Hosted deployments.

Mattermost Playbooks are a collaboration tool for teams. Each playbook represents a recurring outcome or specific goal that your teams collaborate on to achieve, such as service outage recovery or customer onboarding. Teams run a playbook every time they want to orchestrate people, tools, and data to achieve that outcome as quickly as possible while providing visibility to stakeholders. For the participants, it prescribes processes such as task checklists, status updates, and retrospective reports. For the integrated tools, it configures the triggers to perform automated actions. And for stakeholders, it provides a single pane of glass for visibility into each run as well as aggregate insights over time.

Playbooks also allow teams to incorporate learnings from the retrospective to tweak and improve the playbook with every iteration.

Every reported incident or new checklist results in a newly-created, public or private incident channel exposing a custom user interface for collaboration, resolution, and feedback.

  • Starting a playbook run automatically creates a dedicated channel to coordinate discussion.

    • Use custom categories in the channel sidebar to streamline access to ongoing playbook runs.

  • The playbook overview provides a summary of the active run, updates, and current status.

    • Create a dedicated channel and broadcast run status updates directly to that channel.

  • Playbooks define the tasks toward resolution as your team manages the run.

    • Define your playbooks in advance with automated actions such as creating a Jira ticket, starting a Zoom call, or finding out who is on-call in Opsgenie.

  • Reviewing the timeline and conversation helps refine the process for future events.

    • Export the channel timeline to conduct a retrospective.

Delivering more reliable services requires an efficient resolution process. Use Mattermost Playbooks not only to orchestrate processes smoothly, but also to refine the steps your team relies upon for success.