Cloud Workspace limits

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There may be limits applied to your Mattermost Cloud workspace based on the type of subscription plan you have. These limits are applied across all users in your team. We’ll let you know when you’re halfway from reaching a limit, as well as when you’re closer to it.

When limits have been reached, data is archived. This data is not deleted, and can be accessed when you upgrade to a plan with higher limits. If you choose to downgrade your plan, for example from Mattermost Professional to Mattermost Free, the limits will be applied to your existing data.

In addition to these limits, visit our pricing page to see a complete list of features are available for each of our plans:


These limits do not apply to self-hosted deployments.

Mattermost Cloud Free limits

Platform limits

  • Maximum 1 team. Any additional teams created during a trial or on a paid plan will be archived.

  • 1GB file storage across the platform, with 100 MB upload limit. The oldest files that exceed this limit will be archived. Card attachments are counted toward this limit.

Channels limits

  • 10,000 message history limit. The oldest messages that exceed this limit will be archived.

Calls limits

  • Up to 8 participants per channel


Mattermost reserves the right to archive or delete messages and establish or change (1) limits as to how many messages can be stored, (2) how long such messages will be stored, and (3) charges for storing such messages. Mattermost further reserves the right to establish or change limits on periods of inactivity that may result in the termination of your messages cloud storage and deletion or archiving of any stored messages.

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade my plan to get a copy of my archived data?

Currently you don’t have to upgrade your plan to get your archived data. You can follow the steps provided in this article to export your data.

Does Mattermost delete data?

When file and message limits are reached, your data is archived. While you can export your data anytime, if you don’t log into, or use, your workspace for an extended period of time, your data may be deleted. We’ll let you know ahead of time, so you can take action to reactivate your workspace.

If I have more than one team and I downgrade, which teams are archived?

The first team you created is retained. The rest, if any, are archived.