Testing Push Notifications

First make sure to configure push notifications for the Mattermost App Store and Google Play apps, or for apps you compiled yourself. Then use the following instructions to confirm they are working properly.

  1. Sign in to your mobile application with an account on your Mattermost Server, which we’ll call “Account A”.

  2. (iOS) When the app asks whether you wish to receive notifications, confirm you want to receive notifications

  1. Confirm push notifications are enabled for “Account A”

  1. Go to the notification settings menu in the mobile app

  1. Check that the mobile push notifications are set to send

../_images/mobile_push_send_for.png ../_images/mobile_push_send_when.png
  1. Have “Account A” put the app to background or close the app

  2. Using a browser, sign in to “Account B” on the same Mattermost server

  3. Open a Direct Message with “Account A”, and send a message

  4. A push notification with the message should appear on the mobile device of “Account A”

If the push notification does not appear, follow troubleshooting steps to look for issues.