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Build Your Own Version of the Mattermost Mobile Apps

To deploy in production with privately-hosted mobile apps compiled by your organization in an Enterprise App Store:

  1. Compile your own iOS and Android mobile applications from the open source repository
  • See the mobile developer guide for help setting up your environment and building the apps
  • Note: If your server version is not supported by the Mattermost apps, you will need to use the Mattermost Classic app repositories for iOS and Android
  1. Compile your own Mattermost Push Notification Service (MPNS) from the open source repository or use the pre-compiled version from https://github.com/mattermost/mattermost-push-proxy/releases
  • To secure your push notifications, make sure to use encrypted TLS connections between:
    • MPNS and Apple Push Notification Service
    • MPNS and Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging
    • MPNS and your Mattermost server
  1. Set up a way to connect to your private network Mattermost instance, using:
  • An external proxy with encrypted transport through HTTPS and WSS network connections
  • (Recommended) Depending on your security policies, consider deploying a mobile VPN client with multi-factor authentication (MFA), GitLab SSO with MFA, or run Mattermost Enterprise Edition with MFA
  1. Enable mobile push notifications
  • Go to System Console > Notifications > Mobile Push in prior versions or System Console > Environment > Push Notification Server in versions after 5.12
  • Under Send Push Notifications, select Manually enter Push Notification Service location
  • Enter the location of your Mattermost Push Notification Service in the Push Notification Server field
  1. (Optional) Customize mobile push notification contents
  • Go to System Console > Notifications > Mobile Push in prior versions or System Console > Site Configuration > Notifications in versions after 5.12
  • Select an option for Push Notification Contents to specify what type of information to include in push notifications
  • Most deployments choose to include the full message content sent in the notification payload. If your organization has policies or compliance requirements regarding data security, you may opt for sending full message content fetched from the server on receipt (Enterprise Edition E20) so messages are not sent to Apple’s Push Notification Service or Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging notification service.
  1. Deploy to an Enterprise App Store
  2. Confirm you’re subscribed to Mattermost Security Bulletins. In future, when notified of security updates, apply them promptly.
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