Channels Basics

Available in Mattermost Free and Starter subscription plans. Available for Mattermost Cloud deployments. Available for Mattermost Self-Hosted deployments.

Write messages using the text input box at the bottom of the screen. Press ENTER to send a message. Use SHIFT+ENTER to create a new line without sending a message. To send messages on CTRL+ENTER and use ENTER to insert new lines go to Main Menu > Account Settings > Advanced > Send messages on CTRL+ENTER.

Reply to messages by clicking the reply arrow next to the message text.

Reply Arrow icon

Notify teammates when they are needed by typing @username.

Format your messages using Markdown that supports text styling, headings, links, emojis, code blocks, block quotes, tables, lists, and in-line images.

You can use either _ or * for italics and bold text. See the table below for examples.

Formatting markdown controls the look and feel of text messages.

Quickly add emojis by typing “:” followed by two characters, which will open an emoji autocomplete. If the existing emojis don’t cover what you want to express, you can also create your own Custom Emoji.

Attach files by dragging and dropping them into Channels, or by selecting the Attachment icon within the text input box.

Save messages for follow up using the Save icon next to the message.

Save messages for later follow up.

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