Mattermost error codes#

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img self-hosted deployments

Mattermost is designed to deploy in private networks which may be disconnected or “air-gapped” from the internet. In these deployments, links to Mattermost’s online documentation may be unavailable.

Therefore, Mattermost error codes are provided to enable administrators to use internet connected machines to look up error messages and resolutions in online resources, including Mattermost documentation and user forums, as well as providing Mattermost support teams a concise way to identify issues.

Mattermost error codes are used in logs, administrative tools, as well as on-screen messages to concisely identify issues and connect them with additional resources.

In advanced deployments, error codes can be overwritten by administrators to reference internal documentation and guides.


A safety limits exceeded error (ERROR_SAFETY_LIMITS_EXCEEDED) displays in the free version of Mattermost, and certain functionality may be limited, when usage grossly exceeds the recommended limit for users in a safe deployment, including more than 5,000 users are registered on the server.

5,000 users represents a “high upper limit” for deployments that are approximately 200 times the recommended size, which is far beyond the intended design of the product.

The free version of Mattermost is intended for approximately 50 users. If your Mattermost materially exceeds this recommended size, system admins should seek to either purchase a commercial license or apply for a nonprofit license. Alternatively, admins can deactivate users until the user count falls below the high upper limit.