Zoom Plugin (Beta)

With Zoom integration, Mattermost users can launch and join voice and video meetings without leaving the Mattermost interface. In addition to being able to customize Zoom, users can also extend the plugin to other video conferencing systems such as Skype and Google Hangouts.

Zoom is one of the world’s leading video and web conferencing services. This documentation includes instructions on how you can set up Zoom in Mattermost.

Zoom Setup Guide

1. The System Console settings live in System Console > Plugins > Zoom. This is where the admin can configure Zoom for Mattermost.

  1. Set the Zoom API URL if you’re using an on-premise Zoom server, for example, https://api.yourzoom.com/v2. Leave blank when not using an on-premise Zoom deployment.
  2. Set the API Key and API Secret.

API Key and API Secret

The API Key and API Secret are generated by Zoom and are used to create meetings and pull user data. To generate an API Key and API Secret:


Setting up the account in Zoom requires a Pro, Business, Education, or API Zoom plan.

  1. Go to https://developer.zoom.us/me/ and login.
  2. Switch to the API tab and click Enable, if not already enabled.
  3. Switch back to the API tab and copy the API Key and API Secret.
  4. Paste the API Key and API Secret into the fields in the System Console.

Webhook Secret

This is the Secret used to authenticate the webhook to Mattermost. Use the webhook URL to set up the Zoom webhook. Then hit Save.

  1. The settings for overriding usernames and profile picture icons need to be enabled.
  2. Once these steps are done, activate the plugin at System Console > Plugins > Management by clicking Activate.
  1. Once activated, you will see a video icon in the channel header. Clicking the icon will open a drop-down menu with three actions you can take: start meeting now, start meeting with topic, and share meeting.