PostgreSQL installation troubleshooting#

Mattermost supports PostgreSQL v11+.

PostgreSQL v15 introduces changes that may affect compatibility with previous releases. If you’re deploying a fresh installation of PostgreSQL v15, run this command: GRANT CREATE ON SCHEMA public TO PUBLIC to ensure that you can use Mattermost.

PostgresSQL full-text search fails to use indexes with non-english default_text_search_config#

Mattermost uses default_text_search_config for full-text search in PostgresSQL databases, as opposed to a hardcoded text search config. However, indexes are still created with a hardcoded text search config (english) and as a result, full-text search may never use the indexes.

Some of the tables in Mattermost, like Posts or Users, contain GIN indexes to improve the database full-text search feature in PostgreSQL.

These indexes need to be built against a specific language, and when they’re created they’re hard-coded to English. Full-text search queries are always performed using the default_text_search_config database setting. In order for the full-text search feature to leverage the indexes, the language specified in the query needs to match the language specified in the index.

If the default_text_search_config is not set to english, the GIN indexes will not be used. Database administrators can work around this by dropping the specific GIN index they’re interested in and rebuilding it with the value of default_text_search_config.

For example, if the default language of your server is Spanish:

`sql # Create the new index with a new name before dropping the old one CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY IF NOT EXISTS idx_posts_message_txt_spanish ON posts USING gin(to_tsvector('spanish', message)); # Check that the new index does work. If it does, drop the old one and rename the new one: DROP INDEX CONCURRENTLY IF EXISTS idx_posts_message_txt; ALTER INDEX idx_posts_message_txt_spanish RENAME TO idx_posts_message_txt; `