Installing the Operators

The operators are installed using kubectl and each operator is created in its own namespace. You can install and run multiple Mattermost installations in the same cluster using different namespaces.

1. Install NGINX ingress controller

Follow the instructions here.

2. Install the Mattermost Operator

$ kubectl create ns mattermost-operator
$ kubectl apply -n mattermost-operator -f

Installing MySQL and MinIO operator

The MySQL operator and MinIO operator are a good way to try out the Mattermost Operator or develop it on a local cluster but they are not recommended for production usage.

1. Install the MySQL operator

$ kubectl create ns mysql-operator
$ kubectl apply -n mysql-operator -f

2. Install the MinIO operator

$ kubectl create ns minio-operator
$ kubectl apply -n minio-operator -f

Installing the Operators via Helm

The operators can be installed using the Mattermost Operator Helm chart. Follow the instructions here.