Setting Up a Kubernetes Cluster


Prerequisites for using the Mattermost Operator:

  • Kubernetes cluster in version 1.16 or higher.

  • Kubernetes CLI kubectl installed on local machine.

It’s recommended that you have a basic understanding of Kubernetes concepts (such as deployments, pods) and actions (such as applying manifests, viewing pod logs). It’s also advisable to consult the official Kubernetes setup documentation on how to set up a cluster in your environment.

If you’re unsure about which environment you want to use for your Kubernetes cluster, we suggest using a managed service such as as Amazon EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, or DigitalOcean Kubernetes.

Confirm Resource Requirements

Running Mattermost in Kubernetes requires different resources based on your total number of users. The table below details the minimum Kubernetes cluster resources that Mattermost requires at different scales.

Note: These are minimum requirements and yours may differ significantly.

User Count

Node Count

Memory per Node

vCPU per Node



8 GB




16 GB




16 GB


  • These resources take into account all components required for Mattermost, including proxy, database, and file storage.

  • Requirements may be significantly lower when using an external database and filestore (recommended).

  • Resource requirements may vary depending on user usage and bot activity.

  • For larger installations, it may be beneficial to use nodes for the databases that have more memory and/or are optimized for memory.

  • For installations of more than 25,000 users please contact us for sizing guidelines.