Refining and Improving

Filling out a retrospective helps teams identify areas of improvement to apply to future playbook runs as well as provide stakeholders with insight into the run.

Retrospective components are customized per playbook.

Creating and publishing retrospectives

First, configure the retrospective’s settings in the relevant playbook via the Playbooks tab. Select the playbook and then select Edit. Open the Templates and scroll down to the Retrospective Reminder Interval and Retrospective Template fields.

This sets a reminder to fill out the retrospective, which is broadcast to the channel. The template is then pre-populated in the report. Once the report is written, it’s saved and is listed in the run’s detailed view.

Create and publish retrospective reports.

Channel export

Exporting the contents of an incident channel requires the channel export plugin. See the Channel Export plugin documentation for more information.

Reviewing past runs

To view active and past runs in your team from the desktop or browser:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Incident Collaboration.

  2. Select Runs.

  3. Select the specified run from the list provided.

  4. The run’s details are provided in the Overview tab, and the retrospective is in the Retrospective tab.

  5. Optionally export the contents of the incident channel to review.