Getting Started

Mattermost Incident Collaboration is included in the Mattermost Cloud workspace, enabled by default, and upgraded automatically.

For self-managed deployments

Mattermost Incident Collaboration is available in the Plugin Marketplace:

  1. As a System Admin, go to Main Menu > Plugin Marketplace.

  2. Search for Incident Collaboration.

  3. Select Install if not yet installed, then select Configure to enable.

  4. From the plugin configuration page, set Enable Plugin to true.

  5. Select Save to enable the plugin.

To access playbooks:

  • From the Main Menu, select Incident Collaboration to view stats, review incidents of which you are a member, and configure playbooks. System Admins have unrestricted access.

  • From the channel header, select the Playbooks icon to open the right-hand sidebar. From there, you can start a new playbook run or view runs you belong to.

API Documentation

To interact with the incidents data model programmatically, consult the REST API specification.