Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts perform operations in Mattermost to help you navigate through channels and make a more efficient use of your keyboard. See also slash commands for alternate ways to help carry out actions with a keyboard instead of a mouse.

To display a list of available keyboard shortcuts, type CTRL+/ (CMD+/ on Mac), or /shortcuts.


Though Mattermost keyboard shortcuts support standard languages and keyboard layouts, they may not work if you use keymapping that overwrites default browser shortcuts.


On Windows On Mac Description
CTRL+U CMD+U Upload a file


Browser Built-in

On Windows On Mac Description
ALT+LEFT CMD+[ Previous channel in your history
ALT+RIGHT CMD+] Next channel in your history
CTRL+PLUS CMD+PLUS Increase font size (zoom in)
CTRL+MINUS CMD+MINUS Decrease font size (zoom out)
SHIFT+UP (in input field) SHIFT+UP (in input field) Highlight text to the previous line
SHIFT+DOWN (in input field) SHIFT+DOWN (in input field) Highlight text to the next line
SHIFT+ENTER (in input field) SHIFT+ENTER (in input field) Create a new line