Executing Commands

Slash commands perform operations in Mattermost by typing into the text input box. Enter a / followed by a command and some arguments to perform actions.

Built-in slash commands come with all Mattermost installations and custom slash commands are configurable to interact with external applications. Learn about configuring custom slash commands on the developer slash command documentation page.

Built-in Commands

The following slash commands are available on all Mattermost installations:





Set your availability to away



Set your availability to offline



Set your availability to online



Set your availability to Do Not Disturb


/code {text}

Display text as a code block

/code File bugs


Turn on auto-collapsing of image previews



Turn off auto-collapsing of image previews


/echo {message} {delay in seconds}

Echo back text from your account

/echo Hello World 5

/header {text}

Edit the channel header

/header File bugs here

/invite @{user} ~{channel-name}

Invite user to the channel

/invite @john ~sampleChannel

/purpose {text}

Edit the channel purpose

/purpose A channel to discuss bugs

/rename {text}

Rename the channel

/rename Developers


Open the Mattermost help page


/invite_people {name@domain.com …}

Send an email invite to your Mattermost team

/invite_people john@example.com

/kick {@username}

Remove a member from a public or private channel

/kick @alice

/remove {@username}

Remove a member from a public or private channel

/remove @alice

/join {channel-name}

Join the open channel

/join off-topic

/open {channel-name}

Join the open channel

/open off-topic


Leave the current channel



Turns off desktop, email and push notifications for the current channel or the [channel] specified

/mute ~[channel]


Log out of Mattermost


/me {message}

Do an action

/me Hello World

/msg {@username} {message}

Send a Direct Message to a user

/msg @alice hello

/groupmsg {@username1, @username2, …} {message}

Sends a Group Message to the specified users

/groupmsg @alice, @bob hello

/search {text}

Search text in messages

/search meeting


Open the Account Settings dialog



Display a list of keyboard shortcuts


/shrug {message}

Add ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to your message

/shrug oh well

/status {emoji_name} {descriptive status_message} *

Set a custom status that includes an optional emoji and a descriptive status message

/status sick Feeling unwell and taking time off to recover

/status clear *

Clear the current status

/status clear

Begin by typing / and a list of slash command options appears above the text input box. The autocomplete suggestions help by providing a format example in black text and a short description of the slash command in grey text.



Custom status slash commands marked with an asterisk (*) in the table above will be available in the Mattermost Mobile App in a future release.

Custom Commands

Custom slash commands integrate with external applications. For example, a team might configure a custom slash command to check internal health records with /patient joe smith or check the weekly weather forecast in a city with /weather toronto week. Check with your System Admin or open the autocomplete list by typing / to determine if your team configured any custom slash commands.

Custom slash commands are disabled by default and can be enabled by the System Admin in the System Console > Integrations > Webhooks and Commands in prior versions or System Console > Integrations > Integration Management in versions after 5.12. Learn about configuring custom slash commands on the developer slash command documentation page.