Mattermost Playbooks

Mattermost Playbooks are pre-built, configurable checklists that define a repeatable process for teams to achieve specific and predictable outcomes. With Playbooks, development teams can orchestrate prescribed workflows and define, streamline, and document complex, recurring operations. Playbooks help you stay in command with integrated communication, collaboration, and status dashboards to manage your entire workflow lifecycle.


This Mattermost Playbooks User Guide is for anyone who needs help using Mattermost workflow capabilities.

The Basics

  • Playbooks Overview - Learn about Mattermost Playbooks features.

  • Navigate Mattermost - Find your way around Mattermost.

  • Get Started - Enable Playbooks for your Mattermost instance and learn how to set them up.

  • Plan Playbooks - Create checklists, templates, and actions, for your Playbooks and manage permissions for your team.

  • Run Playbooks - Initiate Playbooks, make announcements, and get information about your workflows.

  • Notifications and Updates - Keep track of all your active runs and tasks.

  • Retrospectives - Use retrospectives to improve your workflows and provide detailed insight into your Playbooks.