Deploy Mattermost

Learn how to install, deploy, and scale Mattermost for teams and organizations of any size.

Get Started

These guides will get you up and running with Mattermost in minutes.

  • Quick Install Guide - Deploy in minutes via Mattermost Omnibus on Ubuntu.

  • Run Mattermost via Docker - Launch a Mattermost server instantly to test functionality and build integrations.

  • Administrator Tasks - Learn about the standard configurations and settings you’ll encounter.

  • Architecture - Learn the basics of user authentication, notifications, data management services, network connectivity, and high availability.

  • Implement Mattermost - Get a detailed breakdown of the technical requirements to deploy Mattermost for your team or organization.

  • Enterprise Roll Out Checklist - Learn how to roll Mattermost out to thousands of users.

  • Welcome Email Template - Use our sample email template when you’re ready to invite users to your server.

Install Guides

The Mattermost server and client apps can run on all of the most popular platforms. Here’s a list of the most popular installation methods.

Deployment Guide

The deployment guide is for administrators who are ready to integrate Mattermost with their organization’s IT infrastructure.

Server Deployment

Desktop & Mobile App Deployment

Customize the Mattermost desktop and mobile apps to meet any deployment needs.

Desktop Apps

Mobile Apps

Upgrade Mattermost

Stay up to date with the latest features and improvements.

Scale Mattermost

Scale and monitor your Mattermost deployment.