Setting Your Status and Availability

Let your team know whether you’re available by setting a custom status and your availability in Mattermost.

Setting a Custom Status

Set a custom status to add an optional emoji to a descriptive status message. Other members can see your status anywhere they can see your name, such as the channel sidebar and in conversations.

  1. To set a custom status, select your avatar at the top of the channel sidebar, then select Set a Custom Status.

Set a custom status.
  1. Choose from a list of suggested statuses, reuse a recent status, or enter a new emoji and status, then select Set Status. The Speech bubble emoji 💬 is used by default if you don’t specify an emoji. A custom status can be a maximum of 100 characters in length.

Set a custom status that includes an optional emoji and a descriptive message.


  • If custom statuses aren’t available, you can request your System Admin to enable this feature in System Console > Site Configuration > Users and Teams > Enable Custom Statuses.

  • Custom statuses will be available in the Mattermost Mobile App in a future release.

Clearing a Custom Status

New custom statuses display until midnight the day they’re set by default. You can configure a custom status to clear after a preferred period of time, clear at a specific date and time, or to continue to display until manually cleared.

Set your custom status to expire after a period of time.

To manually clear a custom status at any time, select your avatar at the top of the channel sidebar, then select Clear Status, or select the Clear option next to your current status.

Clear your custom status.

Setting Your Availability

To set your availability, select your avatar, then specify your availability as OnlineAwayDo Not Disturb, or Offline.

Set your availability to online, away, do not disturb, or offline.

When you set your availability, an availability icon displays next to your name. Setting your availability as Do Not Disturb automatically disables desktop, email, and push notifications.

Other members can see your availability anywhere they can see your name, such as the channel sidebar, within conversations, and within Direct Messages.

How Mattermost Determines Your Availability





Desktop App

You’re interacting with your computer

You’re inactive on your computer for 5 minutes

You close Mattermost, sleep, or lock your computer

Web Browser

You’re interacting with Mattermost in a browser

  • You have not typed or switched channels for 5 minutes

  • The tab is unfocused for 5 minutes

  • The browser is in the background or minimized for 5 minutes

You close the Mattermost browser window

Mobile App

Mattermost is open

Mattermost is open with 5 minutes of inactivity

You switch apps, close Mattermost, or lock your screen