Light Install Guide

Available in Mattermost Free and Starter subscription plans. Available for Mattermost Self-Hosted deployments.

Mattermost is a collaboration platform. With Mattermost, you can integrate the tools you use every day into one place and never miss a notification or task.

Before you get started you’ll need:

  • A clean Ubuntu server (18.04 or 20.04) with root level access

  • (Recommended) A domain name pointing to your server (e.g.

  • (Recommended) Email addresses of your team members so you can invite them to the server


Install Mattermost using Mattermost Omnibus.

Open a terminal window and enter:

curl -o- | sudo bash

Then, to install the Omnibus package, run:

sudo apt install mattermost-omnibus


Although the recommended way to install and configure Omnibus is with SSL enabled, if you want to use or test without it (or without a domain name), you can run:

sudo MMO_HTTPS=false apt install mattermost-omnibus

When your server is up and running, navigate to it via the domain name (e.g. that points to your server (or the server’s IP address if you’re not using a domain name). Next, create a team and invite people to join your Mattermost server.

If you have any problems installing Mattermost Omnibus, see the troubleshooting guide for common error messages, or join the Mattermost user community for troubleshooting help.

Add Users

Next, add people to your team by sending them an invitation:

  1. Select your team name at the top left corner of Mattermost.

  2. Select Invite People and enter the email addresses of the people you want to add.

  3. Select Invite Members.

When the invitee receives the email with the link, it’s a single click to join your server, chat to you in the channel you’ve created, or create their own channels. More information about adding users is available here.

Create a Notifications Hub

Create a “heartbeat” channel and integrate your most-used apps and plugins with Mattermost to send status updates and critical notifications in one place.

You can find and install integrations and plugins via Product menu > Marketplace.

Get started with GitHub, Jira, and Jenkins:

  • Connect your GitHub organization to Mattermost using a slash command, to manage your reviews, pull requests, comments, and merges. GitHub is pre-packaged in Mattermost. Follow the configuration steps, and then let your team know to run /github connect so they can receive notifications.

  • Connect your Jira account to Mattermost and set up a channel for the bot to post issues so your team is always up to date. Visit the configuration guide to get started. Once configured, share the end user documentation with your team so they can start receiving notifications.

  • Connect your Jenkins server to Mattermost to centralize your workflows and manage builds. Visit the installation guide to get started. Share the features list with your team so they can ramp up quickly.

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