Video and Audio Calling (Beta)

The following open-source options are available:

  1. BigBlueButton plugin for one-on-one video and audio calling, video conferencing and screenshare, created by Blindside Networks, available in Beta. A test install is provided to try out the feature on a Mattermost install. For production use, you can self-host a server running BigBlueButton, or reach out to Blindside Networks about hosting it for you.
  2. Zoom plugin enables users to start and join voice, video and screensharing meetings using either Zoom’s self-hosted private cloud or on-prem solutions, or its vendor-hosted SaaS solution. The plugin is installed by default on all Mattermost servers.

Support for other 3rd party video, audio and screensharing solutions via plugins is planned. A plugin for WebEx is currently in development by the Mattermost community, with updates posted in the WebEx Plugin community channel.

Note that you can also neatly link video, audio and screensharing solutions, like Zoom and Skype for Business, to channels by using markdown formatting in the channel header. Example: [Click for video call](https://link_to_solution).