Scaling for Enterprise

Mattermost is designed to scale from small teams hosted on a single server to large enterprises running in cluster-based, highly available deployment configurations.

  • Server requirements vary based on usage and it is highly recommended that pilots are run before enterprise-wide deployments in order to estimate full scale usage based on your specific organizational needs.

Single Machine Deployment

Organizations less than 500 users can typically run on a single server.

Multi-Machine Deployment

For deployments between 500 and 20,000 registered users with moderate usage can run on a standard three machine Mattermost deployment with a proxy, an application server, and a database server. At this scale, demands of larger organizations can typically be met by using powerful hardware in a standard configuration.

Cluster-based Deployment

Available in Enterprise Edition E20

Deployments over 10,000 to 20,000 registered users with moderate usage can be supported by adding additional servers in cluster-based, high availability configuration. This configuration uses a load balancer to distribute requests from users across multiple Mattermost application servers, allowing the system to scale beyond the limits of any single server.