Productivity Tools

Our Integrations Directory has several integrations to connect productivity tools in Mattermost.

Here are some popular options below, including self-hosted on-prem or self-hosted private cloud solutions, and vendor-hosted SaaS solutions.

Matterpoll for polls

  • Create a poll by using a slash command, developed by Hanzei and Yusuke Nemoto.

  • Polls can be created in different languages, including English, French, German and Japanese.

  • Source code + docs:

Google Calendar



Autotranslation Plugin

  • Leverage the translation capabilities of Amazon AWS Translate and Mattermost, developed by Mattermost.

  • Instantly translate messages to other languages with supported translations available between English and French, German, and others.

  • Source code + docs:

Remind Plugin

Have a proposal for a productivity integration? Let us know in the feature proposal forum.

Have built an integration? Let us know and we’ll share in our Integrations Directory.