Sales Engineering

As Mattermost Enterprise Edition is evaluated for advanced or large scale commercial deployments with a clear executive sponsor, timeline and budget, a sales engineering team may be engaged to support the evaluation of product features.

Mattermost community server

Priority customers evaluating large scale deployments are invited to join the Mattermost community server.

This is a publicly accessible Mattermost deployment where hundreds of contributors to the Mattermost open source project meet and collaborate to collaboratively develop the software and community extensions.

The community server runs daily builds of the Mattermost open source project, which means you will be able to see and interact with features being developed for the next release of the software. It also means you’ll be exposed to some occassional bugs in the pre-released software.

To get started:

  1. Sign-up for the Mattermost community server
  2. After signing in and completing the tutorial, in the left hand sidebar go to Direct Messages > More then open a channel to @hanna and send her a note with the codename of your company, as assigned in your pre-sales discussion.
  3. Hanna will add you to a special private channel to discuss your deployment with Mattermost sales and technical staff.

Following the evaluation period, if the customer includes Premier Support with their subscription, the real time discussion channel with Mattermost, Inc. will persist and be staffed by the Mattermost customer success team for Premier Customers.

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