Incident Response and Monitoring Tools

Our Integrations Directory has several integrations to connect incident response and monitoring tools in Mattermost.

Here are some popular options below, including self-hosted on-prem or self-hosted private cloud solutions, and vendor-hosted SaaS solutions.

AWS CloudWatch SNS

  • Two-way integration between Mattermost and Amazon AWS SNS, developed by Carlos Tadeu Panato Junior, supported by Mattermost.
  • Receive SNS notifications from Alerts created by Amazon AWS CloudWatch and sent via AWS SNS.
  • Get operational data and actionable insights to monitor Mattermost in order to observe and respond to system-wide changes in performance.
  • Source code + docs:


  • Send notifications from a Nagios monitoring instance to any Mattermost channel for troubleshooting, developed by NDrive.
  • Can be used for other compatible software such as Icinga.
  • Source code + docs:


  • Monitor a Mattermost environment.
  • Send application performance insights to any Mattermost channel for better troubleshooting and monitoring, and to increase system uptime.
  • Docs:, written by Christian Johannsen.



  • Two-way integration between Opsgenie and Mattermost, developed by Opsgenie.
  • Send alert notifications from your Opsgenie incident boards to Mattermost channels.
  • Use slash commands to take quick actions such as acknowledging, assigning, creating and closing alerts in the Mattermost user interface.
  • Docs:

Prometheus Alertmanager

  • Two-way integration between Alertmanager and Mattermost, developed by Carlos Tadeu Panato Junior.
  • Handle alerts sent by client applications such as the Prometheus server and route them to the correct receiver integrations such as email, PagerDuty, or Opsgenie.
  • Source code + docs:

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