Our Integrations Directory has several integrations to connect bots in Mattermost.

Here are some popular options below, including self-hosted on-prem or self-hosted private cloud solutions, and vendor-hosted SaaS solutions.



  • Monitor and debug Kubernetes resources, developed by InfraCloud Technologies.

  • Monitor your Kubernetes cluster, debug critical deployments and get recommendations for standard practices.

  • Source code + docs:

Sample Golang bot

  • Sample bot for Go driver, developed by Mattermost.

  • Learn how to use the Mattermost Go driver to interact with a Mattermost server, listen to events and respond to messages.

  • Use API for simple tasks such as logging in to your server, creating a channel and posting a message.

  • Source code + docs:

Hubot Adapter

  • Hubot adapter for Mattermost written in JavaScript that uses Web API and Websockets, developed by Andy Lo-A-Foe.

  • Use the bot to listen for commands and to execute actions based on your requests.

  • Invite your bot to any Mattermost channel just like a regular user.

  • Source code + docs:

Python Chatbot

  • A python based chat bot for Mattermost, developed by Alex Tzonkov.

  • Allows the creation of listeners, messages and replies to conversations in particular channels.

  • Create and setup a bot to listen to a channel for particular prompts and respond appropriately.

  • Source code + docs:

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