Mattermost changelog

Mattermost is an open source platform for secure collaboration across the entire software development lifecycle.


From Mattermost v9.2, this changelog summarizes updates for the latest cloud and self-hosted versions of Mattermost to be deployed and upgraded on infrastructure you control.

Release v9.2 - Feature Release

  • 9.2.2, released 2023-11-08

  • 9.2.1, released 2023-11-06

    • Fixed an issue where Ubuntu GLIBC errors were thrown on Ubuntu 20.04 and Debian Bullseye versions.

  • 9.2.0, released 2023-11-02

    • Original 9.2.0 release

Important Upgrade Notes


  • Updated minimum required Edge version to 116+.


See this walkthrough video on some of the improvements in our latest release below.

User Interface (UI)

  • Improved readability by displaying system messages on multiple lines when editing a channel header.

  • Combined “joined/left” event types in system messages.

  • Added a new user preference to disable webapp prefetching via Settings > Advanced > Allow Mattermost to prefetch channel posts. You must enable Client Performance Debugging in the System Console by going to Environment > Developer in order for this setting to appear. This setting and Client Performance Debugging should only be enabled temporarily if users are experiencing performance issues.

  • Pre-packaged NPS plugin version v1.3.3.

  • Pre-packaged Todo plugin version v0.7.1.


  • JSON null value cases are now handled correctly by also checking that the pointer is no longer null when unmarshalling to a pointer.

  • An annotated logger is now used to capture LDAP and SAML logs.

  • Replaced with

  • Performance metrics now contain information on if a given request was sent during a page load or a websocket reconnect.

  • Elasticsearch aggregation jobs no longer start when a bulk indexing job is currently running.

  • Added heap profile, CPU profile, and goroutines profile to the support package.

  • Merged WIP i18n locales, but disallowed selecting unsupported locales.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a panic where a simple worker would crash if it failed to get a job.

  • Fixed post props on update to properly see channel links.

  • Fixed an issue where the API for drafts would return empty drafts.

  • Fixed the alignment of the Help menu in the global header.

  • Fixed a broken link in the Edit Channel header modal.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users to be added to channels from the System Console.

  • Fixed an issue where the channel member count increased when adding an already present user.

  • Fixed an issue where plugin developers were unable to create a textarea in interactive dialogs.

  • Fixed an issue where copy pasting images from Chrome failed.


  • Multiple setting options were added to config.json. Below is a list of the additions and their default values on install. The settings can be modified in config.json, or the System Console when available.

Changes to all plans:

  • Under LogSettings in config.json:

    • Added a new configuration setting MaxFieldSize to add the ability to size-limit log fields during logging.

API Changes

  • Added origin_client to the mattermost_api_time metrics.

Go Version

  • v9.2 is built with Go v1.20.7.

Known Issues

  • (Cloud) The About Mattermost dialog reports an incorrect server version.

  • Adding an @mention at the start of a post draft and pressing the left or right arrow key can clear the post draft and the undo history MM-33823.

  • Status may sometimes get stuck as Away or Offline in High Availability mode with IP Hash turned off.

  • Searching stop words in quotation marks with Elasticsearch enabled returns more than just the searched terms.

  • Slack import through the CLI fails if email notifications are enabled.

  • Push notifications don’t always clear on iOS when running Mattermost in High Availability mode.

  • The Playbooks left-hand sidebar doesn’t update when a user is added to a run or playbook without a refresh.

  • If a user isn’t a member of a configured broadcast channel, posting a status update might fail without any error feedback. As a temporary workaround, join the configured broadcast channels, or remove those channels from the run configuration.

  • The Playbooks left-hand sidebar does not update when a user is added to a run or playbook without a refresh.