App deployment#

  • In Mattermost Cloud, all apps are deployed to the Marketplace by Mattermost staff. They can be installed onto a specific Mattermost instance using the /apps install listed command. No special configuration is required; the /apps install command should be enabled and functional by default.

  • Self-managed Mattermost installations can use external Apps as HTTP services that have already been deployed, or can deploy App bundles on self-managed hosting or serverless platforms. Currently, AWS Lambda, OpenFaaS, and Kubeless deployments are supported. The appsctl command can be used to deploy app bundles to these environments.

    Self-managed customers can also install external HTTP apps, with no need to deploy them.

    The appsctl CLI tool is provided to deploy AWS and OpenFaaS apps in self-managed environments. To install appsctl, use the following command:

    go install


If you have a self-hosted Mattermost instance running on AWS EC2, the default Golang version is 1.13.8. Because of this, the Golang install command will give an error stating:

can't load package: package cannot use path@version syntax in GOPATH mode

To fix this, update your Golang version to the latest release and run the command again. When deploying to AWS, the appsctl binary is present in the Home directory inside the go/bin folder.

To use appsctl, run the following command: ./go/bin/appsctl