Custom Terms of Service (Beta)

You can outline custom Terms of Service for your team members to accept before they can access Mattermost on web, desktop, or mobile.

Configuring Terms of Service

To enable custom terms of service:

  1. Go to System Console > Compliance > Custom Terms of Service.

  2. Set Enable Custom Terms of Service to true.

  3. Set Custom Terms of Service Text which contains your terms. Note that Markdown-formatting, including lists, headings and bolding, is supported.

  4. Set Re-Acceptance Period, which sets the number of days before Terms of Service acceptance expires, and the terms must be re-accepted. Set to 0 if you don’t want your terms to expire.

  5. Select Save.

Once saved, all users must accept the terms of service by selecting I Agree next time they log in, or on the next page refresh. If they do not accept, they will be logged out.


If you make an update to your Terms of Service, make sure to update your terms of service link at System Console > Site Configuration > Customization.

This link is presented to all users on each log in, and is easily accessible to end users after accepting the terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I update my terms of service text?

There will be no impact to your end users. Users will simply be required to accept the new terms on next login or page refresh.

What happens if a user does not accept the terms of service?

A user will not be able to log in if they do not accept the terms of service.

Why are custom terms of service beta?

This feature is labeled as beta while we verify the quality of the feature in various scenarios. Known issues include:

  • Login fails when custom terms of service is enabled and MFA is enforced.

  • Terms of service text disappears in the System Console on save until next refresh.

  • Terms of service loads immediately following an update to terms, instead of after login or a page refresh.