Config for EMM Solutions with Mattermost Mobile Apps

What is AppConfig?

AppConfig is a standard approach for app configuration and management introduced by the AppConfig Community, a group of leading EMM providers and app developers who have come together to make it easier for developers and customers to drive mobility in business. The community’s mission is to streamline the adoption and deployment of mobile enterprise applications by providing a standard approach to app configuration and management, building upon the extensive app security and configuration frameworks available in the OS.

AppConfig provides an easy way to configure enterprise mobile applications with any of the EMM providers listed on the AppConfig website.

Mattermost mobile apps can be configured in your EMM solution using AppConfig with the apps on the public app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store), or as an “in-house app” you compile yourself.

For example set up instructions, see our documentation on MobileIron and Blackberry UEM.

Mattermost AppConfig Values

The following table shows all the configuration options that can be sent from the EMM provider of your choice to the Mattermost mobile apps. You can also download an XML template of the configuration file for use with your EMM provider.

Key Description Type Default Value Valid Values iOS Support Android for Work Support
inAppPinCode Require users to authenticate as the owner of the phone before using the app. Prompts for fingerprint or passcode when the app first opens and when the app has been in the background for more than 5 minutes. String false true | false Yes Yes
blurApplicationScreen Blur the app when it’s set to background to protect any confidential on-screen information. On Android, it also prevents taking screenshots of the app. String false true | false Yes Yes
jailbreakDetection Disable app launch on jailbroken or rooted devices. String false true | false Yes Yes
copyAndPasteProtection Disable the ability to copy from or paste into any text inputs in the app. String false true | false Yes Yes (since v1.24.0)
serverUrl Set a default Mattermost server URL. String   URL Yes Yes
allowOtherServers Allow the user to change the above server URL. String true true | false Yes Yes
username Set the username or email address to use to authenticate against the Mattermost Server. String     Yes Yes
useVPN Enable connection to the Mattermost Server to use a per-app VPN or VPN on-demand. String false true | false Yes No
timeoutVPN Set how long the request waits (in seconds) for an initial VPN connection to establish before timeout. String 30   Yes No
vendor Name of the EMM vendor or company deploying the app. Used in help text when prompting for passcodes so users are aware why the app is being protected. String Mattermost   Yes Yes

Other AppConfig Settings

As part of AppConfig, EMM administrators can set the following additional configuration options for the Mattermost mobile apps:

  1. App Tunnel: Leverage the “Per-app VPN” capabilities in most commercial VPN solutions.
  2. Prevent App Backup: Prevent users from backing up app data.
  3. Enforce App Encryption: Set security policies such as requiring encryption.
  4. Remotely Wipe App: Use the EMM tool to distribute the app to devices as a managed application so it can be remotely wiped. If the app was previously installed, mark it so the EMM converts the app to a managed app.

Other configurations may be available depending on your EMM provider.

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