Send messages

Available in Mattermost Free and Starter subscription plans. Available for Mattermost Cloud deployments. Available for Mattermost Self-Hosted deployments.

Compose a message by typing into the text box at the bottom of Mattermost. Press ENTER to send a message. Use SHIFT+ENTER to create a new line without sending a message. You can also edit and delete messages after you’ve sent them.


When you send messages in a channel, depending on the channel actions configured, specific words in the post can trigger a prompt to run a playbook. Access Channel Actions from the channel name drop-down menu in the center pane to see what automatic actions have been configured.

Mattermost can automatically detect and display messages written using right-to-left scripts, such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Persian. Your System Admin must install the RTL Plugin to enable this functionality.


Your System Admin may restrict messaging actions, such as editing or deleting messages, by configuring Advanced Permissions, available in Mattermost Enterprise and Professional subscription plans.

If you prefer to use ENTER to insert new lines and CTRL+ENTER to send messages instead, select the Gear Select the Gear icon to open the Settings dialog. icon to go to Settings, then select Advanced > Send messages on CTRL+ENTER.

Edit or delete messages

Select the More Actions link next to a message that you’ve sent.

More actions you can take with your messages

Select Edit to edit your own messages. Message edits do not trigger new @mention notifications, desktop notifications, or notification sounds.

Select Delete to delete your own messages. Select Delete again to confirm.