Working with Views

Adding new Views

Click on the dropdown next to the view name, and click “Add view” to add a new view.

Dragging cards

Drag cards from one column to another to change their group-by property. For example, drag a card to the “Completed” column to mark it as completed. When a board is unsorted, you can drag a card to a specific row in a column.

For sorted boards, dragging a card to a column with auto-sort it using the specified sort settings.

Editing cards

Click on a card to edit it. A card consists of:

  • A set of properties: Properties are common to all cards in a board. Board views can group cards by “Select” type properties into different columns.

  • A list of comments: Comments are useful for noting important changes or milestones.

  • A set of content: The content of a card can consist of markdown text and images. Use this to record detailed specs or design decisions for an item for example.

Press ESC or click outside the card editor dialog to close the card editor.

Table Views

Each column corresponds to a card property. Cells can be edited directly, or you can open the card editor for a row by hovering over the title and clicking “open”.

Click on headers to sort them, or insert new properties.