Templates provide you with a predefined structure so that you can get started quickly.

Board templates

Board templates include:

  • Meeting Notes

  • Personal Goals

  • Project Tasks

  • Roadmap

  • Empty Board

If none of those boards fit your use case, you can use a blank template and customize it as needed. To create a board template select + Add Board, then select + New template. To turn an existing board into a template, hover over the board title in the sidebar. Select the options menu (…), then select New template from board.

Card templates

Each board can have a set of card templates. To create a new card template, click on the dropdown by the “New” button and select “+ New template”.

A card editor opens with a banner indicating this is a template. You can new create new cards using this new template.

Alternatively, you can turn any card into a template:

  1. Open the card editor

  2. Click on the options menu (… at the top right)

  3. Select “New template from card”