Release Definitions

Mattermost follows a monthly tick-tock release cycle, with a new version shipping on the 16th of each month in binary form.

Tick-tock refers to even-numbered releases (e.g., 5.24) containing new features, and odd-numbered releases (e.g., 5.25) containing only bug fixes and performance improvements.

Feature Release

The Feature Releases have new features added. These are even-numbered releases (e.g., 5.24).

Quality Release

The Quality Releases contain only bug fixes and performance improvements and are more stable than Feature Releases. These are odd-numbered releases (e.g., 5.25). It is highly recommended to upgrade to a Quality Release if your organization prefers stability over having the newest features and improvements.

Extended Support Release (ESR)

Extended Support Releases are releases that are maintained for a longer period of time. They will receive backports for security fixes and major bug fixes for the length of their life cycle. Read more about Extended Support Releases here.