Plugins (Beta)

Mattermost supports plugins, which allow users to customize and extend the platform by adding specific features.

There are three scenarios in which you would consider using a plugin:

  • When you want to customize the Mattermost user interface
  • When you want to extend Mattermost functionality to meet a specific, complex requirement
  • When you want to build integrations that are managed by your Mattermost server

There are two main types of plugins:

  • Client plugins: Allows you to customize the Mattermost user interface, by overriding elements such as the profile popover, channel header or the sidebar. For a sample plugin, see hovercardexample.
  • Server plugins: Makes it easier to integrate with third-party systems such as JIRA, GitLab or Jenkins. A sample plugin for a video and audio call system such as Zoom and Skype for Business is currently in progress.

Later in upcoming releases, the Enterprise Edition will support server plugins that enable you to extend Mattermost functionality to meet a specific, complex requirement such as profiling performance metrics, and to implement highly customized compliance rules for information barriers.

Set Up Guide

To enable plugins, follow these two simple steps.

  1. Go to System Console > Plugins (Beta) > Configuration. Here you can enable plugins and plugin uploads. If you do not plan to upload a plugin, set Enable Plugin Uploads to false to control which plugins are installed on your server.
  2. Go to System Console > Plugins (Beta) > Management to manage your plugins, including:
  • Activating or deactivating pre-packaged Mattermost plugins.
  • Upload and install a plugin for your Mattermost server, or remove them.

For more information on building your own plugin, see our developer documentation.

Plugin Uploads

Mattermost supports plugin uploads by System Admins, which allow you to customize and extend the platform that would otherwise not be available. These plugins are not pre-packaged in Mattermost, and have either been developed by the community or by a Mattermost staff member.

If you don’t plan to upload plugins on your server, you can disable plugin uploads anytime in System Console > Plugins (Beta) > Configuration. Note that disabling uploads will not disable plugins already installed on your server.

If you run your Mattermost server in High Availability mode, plugins need to be uploaded on all app servers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I share feedback on plugins?

You can share feedback in our forums by creating a new forum post or by replying to our open issue.

All feedback is highly welcome!


Plugin uploads fail even though uploads are enabled

If plugin uploads fail and you see “permissions denied” errors in System Console > Logs such as

[2017/11/13 20:42:18 UTC] [EROR] failed to start up plugins: mkdir /home/ubuntu/mattermost/client/plugins: permission denied

you don’t have proper permissions for uploading plugins. To resolve it, apply write access to the mattermost/client directory.