Announcement Banner (E10)

Available in Enterprise Edition E10 and higher.

In Mattermost Enterprise Edition, an announcement banner is available that allows System Admins to display a notice that’s visible to all users on the system.

Shows the announcement banner at the top of the user's screen.

By default, users can dismiss the banner until they log in again or until you update the banner. You can update the banner by either changing the text of the banner or by re-enabling the banner after it has been disabled. You can also control the text color and the background color. A setting in the System Console allows you to prevent users from dismissing the banner.

To enable the banner:

  1. In the CUSTOMIZATION section of the System Console, click Announcement Banner in prior versions or System Console > Site Configuration in versions after 5.12.
  2. In the Enable Announcement Banner section, click true.
  3. In the Banner Text field, enter the text of the announcement that you want to make.
  4. Set the background and text colors.
  5. To prevent users from dismissing the banner, in the Allow Banner Dismissal section, click false.
  6. Click Save.